English Status For Love

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Best 2 Line Love Status in English

"Love is not something you seek, in fact love finds you."

"We love life not because we are in the beginning of life but we are in love. "

"Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes cannot see."

“Love must be from the heart…. What about luck… It can change anytime…. ”

"I wish you never hugged me and said," Why are you afraid I am crazy "

"The world can be done without soaking feet in the world, but it cannot be loved without soaking eyes."

"Love is life." And if you didn't love then you didn't do anything in life. "

"Keep love in your heart because without it life is like a garden without flowers."

"My last thought before bed is you, and my first thought after getting up is you."

"It is easy to leave someone after wanting, but if you want to leave anyone, then you will know what love is."
 "Just as a flower does not blossom without sunshine, just as there is no life without love. "

“The most loved voice is that of the woman we love. "

"Love given by someone gives you strength and when you love someone, you get courage." "

"The best that can happen is to keep each other in life."

"One day I found myself smiling needlessly, then I understood that I love you."

"His love is not my right but, he does wait for me for a lifetime."

"Love starts with a smile, that's why it should be smiling." 
"If a person remembers you as soon as you wake up in the morning and before bed, then you are definitely" very special "for him.

"The only thing I need to fight all the difficulties of life is that sweet smile of yours."

"I love you very much at that time .. when you understand my heart even before I say it !!"

"People change, circumstances change, lovers change, but love never changes."

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